Ante-natal Services

Ante-Natal Clinics

Ante-natal Clinic

If you are expecting a baby, we have access to 2 midwives, who offer continuing care from the start of your pregnancy to the end.  Your midwife, will provide advice on any of your pregnancy questions. 

As part of this ante-natal care, your midwife will guide your through the various stages of your pregnancy, discussing your birth plan, any previous worries you may have from previous pregnancies.

You are seen at various times: 

  • Booking 8-10 weeks (various screening bloods carried out and full antenatal checks done).
  • Checks carried out at 16, 28, 31, 34 weeks and then every 2 weeks until the birth of your baby.

All this is provided here in-house.   For more information, please call 01256 479244.