Patient Participation and Your Feedback

Suggestions and Complaints

We welcome your ideas about  how we might improve our services, especially if we fall below the standards that you expect of us.  We also have a formal complaints procedure that allows patients to raise concerns.  We investigate and respond to these.  Click here to learn more and to access both the 'feedback' and the 'complaints' forms.

Patient Participation and Feedback

Patient Participation Group

We have an active Patient Participation Group which represents patients' interests and acts as a liaison with the practice.  They meet every six weeks for an hour.  Please email for further information if you are interested in getting involved -

Online Patient Group

We would also  like to develop a wider Patient Reference Group.  Periodically, we aim to send emails to members of the group asking for opinions on some of the services we provide, with a view to making improvements or acting as a sounding board.  All communications will be kept to a minimum and will only take up a few moments of your time.

If you are happy for us to contact you occasionally by email please click the link opposite to open the sign-up form and complete all the fields.  

The Friends and Family Test

What is the NHS Friends and Family Test?

It is a way of gathering anonymous feedback from you about your recent experience of the practice.

This will help us to recognise where we are doing things well and where we need to improve. Your feedback gives a very real and recent picture of what you think.

You will have the opportunity to feedback after an appointment, a telephone consultation, a home visit or when phoning or attending the practice for administrative things such as a repeat prescription or blood test results.

Any patient registered with the practice can give feedback after each and every contact if you want to. As a carer or relative you can also give feedback.

You can choose to comment every time, sometimes or not at all.

How do you take part in the Friends and Family Test?

You will be asked just two questions about your experience.  This approach has been designed to be quick and easy to complete, to encourage lots of participation from our patients.  The feedback form can be found on this page.

NHS Friends and Family

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Do you have to take part in the Friends and Family Test?

  • No, participation is totally voluntary.
  • But if you do respond you will provide valuable information for us to ensure you have the best possible experience of care.
  • We are keen to hear from you, whether your feedback is positive negative or indifferent.
  • You have the opportunity to give us your feedback after every contact with the practice. You may choose to give feedback one week and not the next.
  • You may choose to opt out of having your comments published.

How will your FFT information be managed?

  • The responses you give are NOT linked to your name or medical records in any way.
  • Practice staff only view anonymous responses and cannot link this to any individual patient.
  • We will keep your data safe, use it only for the Friends and Family Test and not share it with anyone we have not told you about.