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Health and wellbeing coach

We have a health and wellbeing coach called Shannu who can help support you to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Below are some conditions where they will be able to help:

Lowering weight

You may want to lower your weight due to health concerns or simply to feel more comfortable in their body. I will work with you to explore ideas, plan and put into action changes which are realistic and long lasting.

Healthier diet

A healthier diet can help manage health conditions and reduce risk of future ill health. We work together to identify what the reasons are behind a less healthy diet and find healthier alternatives.

More active lifestyle/exercise

Increasing activity can help improve quality of life, health, and wellbeing. However, this can be difficult if you have a sedentary job, mobility issues or simply do not like physical activity. Health coaching helps you to look at increasing activity in your life in a way that suits them. 

Reducing stress and low mood

Physical and mental health is interlinked, and difficulty in one area can often have an impact on the other. I can help you identify tools and activities which may help to improve your psychological well-being.

Managing Health Conditions (Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Stroke, Hypertension)

Lifestyle can have a dramatic impact on pre-existing health conditions. People who have received health advice for a condition but struggle to integrate this into their life may benefit from health coaching. 

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